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Our New Home Warranty

Our team of Warranty Service Professionals are ready to answer your questions and assist you after you've closed and moved into your new home!

We try to take care of all service requests within 30 days of submission, during business hours that can be found on our contact page. And, for major service repairs – we are just a call away, operating 24/7.

To submit a warranty request, please fill out a warranty request form (accessible at the top of this page) or send us a detailed email - including your name, home address and contact information - to our inbox.

RJWH Warranty Details

These details are more clearly outlined in the warranty documents provided to you upon purchase of your new home.

RJ Wachsman Homes provides a Third-Party guaranteed warranty by Maverick Warranties and Insurance. This is a feature included with all of the homes we build, and our company provides this warranty at no additional cost to the homebuyer. The benefits are clear, too:

1) Detailed coverage through a written warranty
2) Third-Party guarantee, where builders are screened for optimal performance
3) Superior track record of customer satisfaction from Maverick
4) No additional cost to the buyer

Maverick Summary of Coverage

The written warranty provided to our customers through Maverick includes certain coverages for system and structural defects. On top of that coverage, RJ Wachsman Homes provides a one-year limited warranty, and, appliances that come with your new home are covered by the manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

First Year: During the first year of living in your new home, you are fully covered by the Maverick warranty and are also covered by RJ Wachsman Homes’ one-year limited warranty. On top of that, the appliances and fixtures that come with your home are covered by the manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

Second Year: In the second year, all major systems – including plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems – are covered under the Maverick warranty for maximum protection on your investment. On top of that, your home is protected against defects in materials or workmanship as defined in the Warranty Performance Standards through Maverick.

Ten Year: After the second year of coverage, your Maverick warranty continues to cover all major structural defects – lasting 10 years after your purchase. With this, RJ Wachsman Homes commits itself to clients by providing this key piece of warranty. This way, you know your investment is safe and that your home will be long lasting. These details are outlined in the warranty documents provided to you upon purchase of your new home.
Maverick guarantees the performance of our customers’ written warranty either directly or indirectly through the builder. The company serves homeowners nationwide through its warranty programs.

Because Maverick is responsible for the performance of the written warranty, Maverick has strict criteria that must be met prior to accepting a builder into its program. These criteria include the following procedures:
  • Builders are thoroughly screened through the underwriting department
  • Customer references are checked to establish long-term and across-the-board satisfaction
  • Financial stability and business longevity are taken into consideration
  • Finally, builders are rated on customer service and the speed with which they return to complete punch lists and take care of finalizing each job

Per Maverick:

“Builders who participate in a third-party warranty program care about their customers. Builders have to prove themselves on their superior quality, timeliness, customer service, and financial stability in order to qualify for a Maverick new-home warranty.”
Disclaimer: Warranty policies are subject to change without notice to the public. The information shown on this webpage is provided in good faith by RJ Wachsman Homes in an effort to accurately describe our warranty policy – however, homeowners should refer to their purchase agreement and warranty documents for complete warranty details.