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Jack & Deb Benton

Ten years of searching to find a home builder, floor plan and area of town we felt comfortable with led us to Randy Wachsman. We met him to discuss our long list of expectations, framework of this project and one must not forget price! It was amazing how smoothly the next 6 months flew by. Each aspect of the home was picked our piece by piece. Randy was aware of our special needs, such as wider driveway and garage area. He would ask us to meet him at the site to view the construction of such areas and suggest that we add footage here and there to help with getting in and out of the property. He was always "findable" when questions would arise - no matter how important to us, but probably trivial to him! Decorating the home was a fun ans enjoyable experience as well. Our "wants" and their "expertise" led to the creation of what we consider to be the finishing touches on our dream home. From flooring to lights to paint - each piece of the puzzle was completed. As an added bonus our electric and gas bills have yet to come close to the ones in the other home and we now have more square footage!

We continue to be extremely satisfied with out home three years later. Although very little has needed attention or shall one say "fixing" since completion, they are still available to answer any concern that might arise. No pretense or facade - just a well built home. The entire Wachsman staff make sure you are part of the project from start to finish! Turning your future home into a reality is not just their business, its their passion.

Tony & Karla Landours

I have been touring the Parade of Homes since the late eighties, and ever since then, it has been my dream to own an RJ Wachsman home. I never imagined working with him, his famil, and his staff would also be a dream in itself!

Now four months after closing I still feel comfortable calling with questions. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our 'starter home' and I finally have my dream home!